Toote kood: 04.2100014386032479 (1)
Mark: Universal
Kaal (kg):45 kg
Hind 568€

Material Steel
Laius 1500mm
Kõrgus 450mm
Kaal 43 kg

Surface Powdercoated, black
Info Self locking / QUICK ATTACH front mounted push frame
Very quick & easy plow installation (once mounting kit installed – mounting kit can be left on the ATV throughout the year)
Snow plow has 5 different working angle positions.
Possible to lift the blade a lot higher – to push snow higher together
Impact reducing springs helps the snow plow to move over small obstacles without breaking it.
Snow plow in standard equipment is made of steel blade.
Front mounted winch required to lift the plow (not supplied)
It is possible to order an extra rubber lip blade which is mainly necessary (essential) for cleaning streets.