Piduriklotsid taha ProX CR125/250 ´02-07 + CRF150R/250R/450R ´02-




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    ProX sintered metal brake pads! The ProX brake pads are produced under a very strict sintering process. In this sintering process metalic particles are fused together in combination with heat and pressure.Sintered brake pads in general have superior material properties which very well resist high temperatues during heavy braking and offer greater duribility over organic brake pads. The ProX sintered brake pads offer strong controlable brake power in combination with long life. The pads are designed to come as a softer compound front pad and little harder compound pad for the rear pads.A complete range of sintered brake pads for MX, Dirtbike and ATV is available from ready stock!ProX Sintered Brake Pad FeaturesSintered brake pads for strong, controlable power and long life.Complete range of sintered brake pads for MX, Dirtbike and ATV available from ready stock!

    Piduriklotsid, tootekood: 400-37-208202


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