Variaatori täienduskomplekt CFORCE 1000




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    Variaatori täienduskomplekt CFORCE 1000

    This variator upgrade kit – when installed with originally fitted variator – helps to transfer the engine power better to the wheels so you can use the engine potential more effectively and vehicle is smoother to use.

    The kit has gone through long testing period – including real life driving tests as well as the dynamometer tests – before this specific setup combination chosen to go with this vehicle model / variator combination – the outcome you have here is the best and safest setup choice for you and your vehicle.

    Transfers the engine power to the wheels more effective and smoother.
    Much easier to handle the vehicle in lower speeds.
    Lowers the belt working temperature, thus increases the belt life significantly.
    Lowers the fuel consumption and therefor lowers pollutions.
    Kit is developed to use with factory fitted size tyres.
    We recommend to use official dealership installation services, they have the correct tools and knowledge for such installation.

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